Marina Ventures, Ltd.
Developers, Designers and Builders
of the World's Finest Marinas and Wave Attenuators


Our Handicap Fishing Piers are popular with fisherman and outdoorsmen of all abilities because of their exceptional stability, convenience and beauty. Using computer aided design, we can create a pier that matches your specific location. Our Handicap Piers offer angled hand rails at different heights for safety and ease of fishing, a smooth deck surface without gaps or holes to impede mobility, and comfortable wood railings and decking that doesn't get too hot in the afternoon sun.

Our Handicap piers are popular with municipalities and engineering firms because we are able to assist them by providing typical drawings and specifications from the numerous public and private floating dock projects that we have completed over the past 20 years.

Let us help you to make the planning and bidding process of your next Floating Dock, Fishing Pier or Launch Ramp a pleasure.

Marina Ventures Corporate Headquarters:
2501 Boston Street Baltimore, MD. USA 21224

US Sales Phone:
(410) 522.0229
Int'l Sales Phone:
(410) 522.4007
(410) 327.8883

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